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Erabutoxin a (reduced) (9CI)
  • CAS:11091-63-7
Denclatoxin B (reduced)(9CI)
  • CAS:65016-31-1
Abaecin (Bombuspascuorum) (9CI)
  • CAS:193226-44-7
Crambin II (reduced)(9CI)
  • CAS:111871-10-4
Protein (bacteriophage jX174 gene J small core) (9CI)
  • CAS:64763-86-6
Viscotoxin A3 (reduced)(8CI,9CI)
  • CAS:12583-96-9
Cobrotoxin (reduced)(9CI)
  • CAS:11103-42-7
g1-Purothionin (reduced) (9CI)
  • CAS:131571-14-7
w-Agatoxin IVA (reduced) (9CI)
  • CAS:141489-14-7
Phoratoxin A (reduced)(9CI)
  • CAS:37339-68-7
Blood depressingsubstance II (Anemonia sulcata reduced) (9CI)
  • CAS:96510-30-4
Oxyntomodulin (rat)(9CI)
  • CAS:159002-68-3
Relaxin (Rajaerinacea-B reduced) (9CI)
  • CAS:107712-70-9
Scotophobin (rat) (9CI)
  • CAS:33579-45-2
Kaliseptin (reduced)(9CI)
  • CAS:223265-66-5
Glucagon II (Anguillaanguilla) (9CI)
  • CAS:119165-99-0
Therin (reduced) (9CI)
  • CAS:211735-25-0
Copeptin (guinea pig)(9CI)
  • CAS:101698-03-7
Cryptdin 8 (mousereduced) (9CI)
  • CAS:178806-41-2
Diuretic hormone I(Manduca sexta head) (9CI)
  • CAS:121852-53-7
Viscotoxin B (reduced)(8CI,9CI)
  • CAS:11088-20-3
Somatoliberin(Acipenser transmontanus) (9CI)
  • CAS:161247-51-4
  • CAS:251087-38-4
Plantaricin F (9CI)
  • CAS:159605-63-7
Protamine P 1 (humansperm reduced) (9CI)
  • CAS:98001-69-5
  • Purity:Mr 5000-10000(P3369-10G)
  • LeadTime:1 days
  • CAS:156680-11-4
Meleagrin (reduced)(9CI)
  • CAS:121272-64-8
d-Atracotoxin Ar 1 (reduced) (9CI)
  • CAS:96230-58-9
Casocidin I (9CI)
  • CAS:170558-63-1
Peptide B 800-B 850b (Rhodopseudomonas acidophilalight-harvesting) (9CI)
  • CAS:111445-27-3
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