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  • CAS No: 355-42-0
  • Formula: C6F14
  • Molecular Weight: 338.041845
Purity Pack Size LeadTime Inventory Operation
96-99% 100g 1day 2 inquiry
96-99% 25g 1day 3 inquiry
98% 25g 1day 1 inquiry
98%(mixture of isomers) 100g 1day 2 inquiry
98%(mixture of isomers) 25g 1day 2 inquiry
98%(mixture of isomers) 5g 1day 1 inquiry
98%(mixture of isomers) 500g 1day 1 inquiry
100g 1day 3 inquiry
25g 1day 18 inquiry
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Fluocinolone Acetonide
Felix Zheng
  • E-mail: zyf@chemme.com
  • Phone: 13625816949
Silane,(1,1-dimethylethyl)(2-iodoethoxy)dimethyl- CAS:101166-65-8 Purity:97% LeadTime:1 days
YOLWDFNEQGOTLV-UHFFFAOYSA-N CAS:1022091-89-9 Purity:95%+ LeadTime:1 days
2,5-di(pyridin-3-yl)benzene-1,4-diol CAS:1013635-39-6 Purity:97% LeadTime:35 days
Phosphorus oxychloride CAS:10025-87-3 Purity:99% LeadTime:1 days
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