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Phosphonic acid,di-(9Z)-9-octadecenyl ester

  • CAS No: 25088-57-7
  • Formula: C36H71O3P
  • Molecular Weight: 582.920901
Purity Pack Size LeadTime Inventory Operation
Fluocinolone Acetonide
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  • Phone: 18501401738
Amylamine CAS:110-58-7 Purity:A800423-2.5 LeadTime:1 days
2-Bromofluorobenzene CAS:1072-85-1 Purity:99% LeadTime:1 days
2,6-Benzothiazolediamine,4,5,6,7-tetrahydro-, (6S)- CAS:106092-09-5 Purity:S808525-25g,(S)-(-)-2,6-二氨基-4,5,6,7-四氢苯并噻唑, 98% LeadTime:1 days
(S)-2-(4-(piperidin-3-yl)phenyl)-2H-indazole-7-carboxamide CAS:1038915-60-4 Purity:98 LeadTime:0 days
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