Custom Synthesis

Chemme has been supporting tens of thousands of researchers to accomplish important innovations for years by means of efficient project evaluation, reliable project management, complex client support, and commitment to confidentiality.

Procurement Outsourcing

Chemme can help you implement prompt sourcing while minimizing supply risk and impact of price volatility with industry leading strategic sourcing, transactions management capabilities and proprietary SCM tools. 1. Extensive supplier network, one point of contact Chemme maintains over 16,000 verified labs and manufacturers all over the world. Cooperating with Chemme means that you are able to access this network with one single point of contact, removing communication barriers and the need for resources to maintain supplier relationships. 2. Reliable supplier assessment Chemme is able to provide full-dimensional evaluations of supplier capabilities, from financial health to performance, diversity and sustainability ratings. Our supply chain management team constantly conducts original research specific to your requirements. Chemme is always ready to help you whether you’re looking for new suppliers or are seeking in-depth, multi-criteria assessments of your existing suppliers. 3. Efficient budget allocation with reasonable shipping. More of the budget should be spent on the product itself than its shipping cost. By partnering with Chemme, your orders could be holistically planned in advance and be consolidated with other consignments. Saving shipping costs in the short terms allows you to allocate more budget to things that really matters.


The PunchOut solution of Chemme provides an integration layer that enables you to initiate a transaction within your ERP environment and make orders easily and quickly. 1.Access real-time marketing data and information Integrating with the Chemme sourcing platform offers you instant access to the availability and best prices of over 400,000 products in the marketing. You can also be able to avoid pricey procurement decisions that cost more time and budget than needed by knowing the latest products available to purchase in the market. 2.More effective cost control and expenses tracking With an integrated ordering system, order information is collected online so that order accuracy is ensured. This removes difficulty in managing and tracking scattered orders, reducing the possibility of errors. 3. Improve the productivity automatically PunchOut solutions of Chemme allows you to streamline the whole procurement process through automated ordering confirmation, error messaging and status updates. Shipment acknowledgement is also immediately and automatically forwarded to you. You can finally focus on the work that matters most.


Having access to the world’s most diverse and abundant production facilities in China, Chemme is your best choice to assist you in developing and troubleshooting processes for mass-scale chemical productions. 1. Single contact point from lab scale to production scale Cooperating with Chemme helps you to access thousands of production facilities, each with a different set of expertise to assist you in different phases. The facilities are capable of developing efficient processes from lab scale, pilot scale, all the way up to production scale, which enables you to have a whole production strategy without any difficulty in managing supplier relationships. 2. Risk-reducing of commercialization With years of experience in managing complex supply chain dynamics, Chemme can help you to create practical scaling solutions which meets your business goals. Taking into consideration cost of equipment, raw materials, and other fixed and variable costs are included. 3. Confidentiality agreement signed All your projects with Chemme are protected by confidentiality agreements signed by both parties. Please contact our representatives now once you want to learn more or discuss any specific confidentiality requirements.